Cloisters Bike Ride 2018

We told everyone that May 2017 was to be the last Cloisters Bike Ride, and it was very gratifying that so many people told us how this event would be missed. It appears that was misinformation….
Most wonderfully, Moira Green has stepped forward to run this event, with some fresh new members of the team, together with many noble stalwarts.

So we are delighted to let you know that the next Cloisters Bike Ride will be happening on 7th May 2018!!

We are running the 10th Annual Cloisters Bike Ride in conjunction with Heart of Kent Hospice. The Heart of Kent Hospice is our local hospice and provides specialist end of life care for people facing the challenge of a terminal illness, and support for their families. The Hospice cares for over 1,300 patients and their families each year in their own homes, in the community or in the Hospice, improving their quality of life and helping to make every day precious. All money raised on the Cloisters Bike Ride will be split 50:50 between the Cloisters and Heart of Kent Hospice.
Despite a slightly cold day, we had a fantastic 2017 Cloisters Bike Ride. It was very well attended with 439 cyclists taking part, raising a magnificent total of £8,768.